Baby Wear: Marie Chantal

Ph. credits: Marie Chantal

I just recently discovered a kids clothing brand that was new to me, called Marie Chantal. Someone mentioned it on Twitter, wondering if it still exsisted, and I was curious so googled it. Very glad I did, because I love it! It’s got that Parisian touch I love, with a chic British twist.

I really want the anchor jumper for Jolie, too bad it comes with a chic pricetag too! 75 euro for a jumper for me? No problem! But Jolie is growing so fast, she can only wear it for two months or so…

I am thinking about ordering that cutlery set, though. It’s like a puzzle, so you learn while you eat! And the design is really cool, too!

Oh, and by the way; my laptop crashed, so it took me ages to get this post ready.
I really miss my Photoshop!

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