Nailpolish Obsession

My obsession with nailpolish all started when Chanel decided to bring limited edition colours every season. Since then, all I ever bough was Chanel polish in these limited colours, but to be honest, I’m not that exited about the quality. I mean, for 20 euros a piece you would expect decent quality, but all my Chanel polishes chip very easily and only last for a day or three. Also, they get thick real soon, so you can’t use them anymore. (I always add a little remover to make it last just a little longer).

So I decided me and Chanel must part ways, nailpolish wise. (Ofcourse I’m still game for a 2.55) I tried one of the cheaper brands in a local farmacy, called Catrice, and I’m hooked now! Great colours, and good quality. My nails stay neat for more than a week, no chipping whatsoever! These polishes are like 2 euros a piece, so the only downside is I go and buy new ones almost every week, ha!


3 responses to “Nailpolish Obsession

  1. I’ve tried them too. The colours are really great.

  2. Wat je zegt over Chanel nagellak vind ik ook!! Je betaalt er best veel voor en bij mij gaat het er vaak al binnen een dag deels af ! Bedankt voor de tip over Catrice nagellak, ga het zeker proberen! 🙂 x

  3. Wat je zegt over Chanel nagellak vind ik ook! Bedankt voor de tip, ga Catrice zeker proberen 🙂 Leuke blog heb je trouwens! X

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