Beauty: Pink Ombre

I always thought a pink dip dye/ombre looked kinda rad on other girls, but since i’m really picky about my hair I never had the guts to try it. But when I saw a tweet from Salon B about a new product by Kevin Murphy called Color.Bug I got really exicted!

Color.Bug is like an eyeshadow for your hair, You can experiment all you want, because it just washes out. It’s very easy, too;

– Prime your hair with some product, like a beach spray or, like I did, a serum.
– Sweep the Color.Bug over your hair. You can layer it for a more intense color.
– Seal with hairspray, so the color stays put an doesn’t stain.
– You are good to go!

Color.Bug comes in three different colors: Pink, purple and green and is available in Kevin Murphy hair salons. For the Dutchies: You can get yours at Salon.B.


3 responses to “Beauty: Pink Ombre

  1. Ziet er leuk uit! Geeft het echt niet af in de regen?

  2. Heb je je punten niet gebleekt? Ik heb ook best donker haar, ben bank dat je het anders niet ziet?…. mooi!

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