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Beauty: Pink Ombre

I always thought a pink dip dye/ombre looked kinda rad on other girls, but since i’m really picky about my hair I never had the guts to try it. But when I saw a tweet from Salon B about a new product by Kevin Murphy called Color.Bug I got really exicted!

Color.Bug is like an eyeshadow for your hair, You can experiment all you want, because it just washes out. It’s very easy, too;

– Prime your hair with some product, like a beach spray or, like I did, a serum.
– Sweep the Color.Bug over your hair. You can layer it for a more intense color.
– Seal with hairspray, so the color stays put an doesn’t stain.
– You are good to go!

Color.Bug comes in three different colors: Pink, purple and green and is available in Kevin Murphy hair salons. For the Dutchies: You can get yours at Salon.B.


Nailpolish Obsession

My obsession with nailpolish all started when Chanel decided to bring limited edition colours every season. Since then, all I ever bough was Chanel polish in these limited colours, but to be honest, I’m not that exited about the quality. I mean, for 20 euros a piece you would expect decent quality, but all my Chanel polishes chip very easily and only last for a day or three. Also, they get thick real soon, so you can’t use them anymore. (I always add a little remover to make it last just a little longer).

So I decided me and Chanel must part ways, nailpolish wise. (Ofcourse I’m still game for a 2.55) I tried one of the cheaper brands in a local farmacy, called Catrice, and I’m hooked now! Great colours, and good quality. My nails stay neat for more than a week, no chipping whatsoever! These polishes are like 2 euros a piece, so the only downside is I go and buy new ones almost every week, ha!


Beauty: Nails

 Just of few shots of yesterdays maniure, which I think turned out pretty decent!
I used 240- Sold Out Forever and c02 Million Dollar Baby, both by Catrice.

Beauty: Stained (give-away)

To be honest, I am not a lipstick kinda girl. I don’t like the feel of it on my lips, and I don’t like how it looks on me. Trust me, I’ve tried a lot of lipsticks, like Chanel Le Rouge, but I end up looking like a clown.

When I tried this lipstain by Max Factor, that I got in a goodybag, I was kinda surprised how it looked on me. It’s the Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint in colour no. 4, and it is very natural, feels light on the lips and doesn’t smudge. You can build up layers, one layer gives a natural light pink colour, and, as I did on the photo, two layers give a deeper pink shade. You can also add gloss for a, obviously, glossy look.

Wanna try? I actually have two of these, and i’ve always learnt to share, so I will give one away to a happy reader!

Just leave your name and email in a comment and I will pick a winner next week!

Beauty: Daily Grooming

Aside from fashion, I am also quitte addicted to beautyproducts. I think it is really important to take good care of your skin, and use the right products for your skintype. I mostly use Dermalogica, a no-fuss kind of brand that uses no chemical ingredients and is only available at qualified skincare pro’s.
I occasionally use Creme de la Mer, for when dry patches show up during winter, as it is a really heavy cream, too heavy to use daily on my combination skin. For my eyes I have this Lancome eyecream that is standing on my shelf for ages, because I never take the time to put it on. And the big blue bottle you see is rose water my mother always brings from Italy, I just love the packaging and it is a great skin refresher, too!

As much as I like to give Jolie an everyday spa treatment, she is just not the kind of baby that likes to be pampered. She only want to crawl around and doesn’t lay still for one minute. So now I have a basket full of products I rarely use! What I do use everyday is hairlotion from good old Dutch store Hema. It smells like vanilla, yum! The other Hema products you see are a bodylotion which I rarely use and a wash gel I use in the shower. For her bath I like the ECO bubble bath by organic brand Nature Babycare. I do like the fact that it’s organic, but I don’t like the smell, or, to be more precise, the lack of it…

And the little tube on the foreground? My favourite product at the moment, an alcoholfree gel to help soothe those first teeth!