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New in: Zara order

Received a Zara order this week, with a cool black zipper jacket and lace ombre t-shirt, totally my style, since its black and white. But I also got this neon pink/orange jacket which I think is super cute, but a bit out of my comfort zone…

Think I will keep ik anyway, cause it makes me feel happy and spring-ready!
Will come up with better pictures soon, do not have my camera here right now.
(That’s because the camera is not actually mine, but my boyfriends, and he needs it for work, can’t argue that, right?)


Details: Navy Blue

Some details of todays outfit. I was wearing a Modström jacket, Filippa K t-shirt, IRO jeans and London Sole flats (very beat up, but also still very comfy!) Necklaces by Dogeared and handmade by me.

Jolie was not very interested in the camera today, but what you can see is a fragment or her IKKS polkadot dress.