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Outfit: In The Navy

Just a quick outfitpost, while Jolie is at her grandpa’s like every wednesdayafternoon. I like that, she goes there for a few hours and it gives me the time to do some essential stuff, like cleaning the house, hunt for a job, and blog. Last is not very essential, oh well…

I like this combo of navy blue and crisp white, gives me a very sailoresque feel, especcialy with the gold buttons and all.

I’m wearing: Jacket Zara, T-shirt Forrest & Bob, Skirt Zara, Shoes Mango


Outfit: Black/Denim

The weather hasn’t made up its mind yet, and i’m having trouble figuring out what to wear. This black & denim combo seems like a good choice. Jolie was wearing her (OK, my…) favourite jeans again with a cute t-shirt.
Had a quiet day with Jolie, to recover from our day at the zoo  , so just went for a coffee in town.

Me: Blazer Zara, Denim shirt H&M, Trousers Zara, Wedges Minimarket,
Bag Marc by Marc Jacobs

Jolie: Everything Zara


The Basics

Somedays you just fall back to the classics; a nice t-shirt, good fitted jeans and a leather jacket. Today was one of those days. Threw some comfy wegdes on and was ready to go!

Me: Jacket Zara, Shirt Etoile Isabel Marant, Jeans Drykorn, Shoes Minimarket, Bag Alexander Wang.

Jolie: Dress Zara, Cookiestains Nestlé