Wishlist: Bikeride

Last week we took a short break and went to Texel, one of the Dutch islands. I don’t now, island sounds so tropical to me, but Dutch and tropical just do not go together… We actually had one sunny day, so we rented some bikes to take Jolie on her first bikeride! She loved it, so I can’t wait to take her again. Hope we will get some sun in Holland soon…

Anyway, I think the outfits above are perfect for one of those rides. See that little bicycle print on the yellow dress? So cute!

Jolie: Dress, romper, tights: all Bobo Choses. Shoes: Minnetonka, Sunhat: Zara.
Me: Jacket: Maison Scotch, T-shirt: COS, Shorts: Isabel Marant, Loafers: Minnetonka, Bracelet: Dannijo


Give Away: Gengigel


When you have a little baby and are suffering from sleepless nights, big change there are some new teeth coming through! Jolie now has two and more to come, and my go to rescue remedy to help ease the pain is Gengigel.
This is a clear gel without any alcohol, sugar or other preservatives and you can use it as much as you like. It really helped Jolie, as soon as I put it on her gums, she became more relaxed.

If you are also having sleepless nights, I have good news for you!
I can give away a tube of Gengigel to one of my readers. All you have to do is leave your email in a comment below, and I will pick a winner soon!

Personal: Instagram Diary



Since I still have no laptop, nor photoshop etcetera I decided to do a Instagram Diary.
I’m working from my Ipad now, so hope it turns out good!

What you see:

1. Home made Sachertorte
2. Peachy nails
3. New Zara buys
4. Little Jolie with her new sunhat
5. Sunburn, auch!
6. Jolies first bikeride
7. New silk shirt
8. Macarons, yum!

New in: Zara order

Received a Zara order this week, with a cool black zipper jacket and lace ombre t-shirt, totally my style, since its black and white. But I also got this neon pink/orange jacket which I think is super cute, but a bit out of my comfort zone…

Think I will keep ik anyway, cause it makes me feel happy and spring-ready!
Will come up with better pictures soon, do not have my camera here right now.
(That’s because the camera is not actually mine, but my boyfriends, and he needs it for work, can’t argue that, right?)

Wildfox Kids

Just found out LA based Wildfox Couture also has a kids clothing line. It has been there since 2009, but I never noticed it before. Stumbled upon the cool campagneimages above and I think it look pretty awesome. Too bad Jolie is still too small, sizing goes from the age 7 to 14. The girl starring in this campaign is Violet Hume, and she’s the daughter of model Kirsty Hume and Donovan Lietch, also from Los Angeles. I thinks she’s the epitome of a cool kid!

Ph Wildfox Couture

Nailpolish Obsession

My obsession with nailpolish all started when Chanel decided to bring limited edition colours every season. Since then, all I ever bough was Chanel polish in these limited colours, but to be honest, I’m not that exited about the quality. I mean, for 20 euros a piece you would expect decent quality, but all my Chanel polishes chip very easily and only last for a day or three. Also, they get thick real soon, so you can’t use them anymore. (I always add a little remover to make it last just a little longer).

So I decided me and Chanel must part ways, nailpolish wise. (Ofcourse I’m still game for a 2.55) I tried one of the cheaper brands in a local farmacy, called Catrice, and I’m hooked now! Great colours, and good quality. My nails stay neat for more than a week, no chipping whatsoever! These polishes are like 2 euros a piece, so the only downside is I go and buy new ones almost every week, ha!


Baby Wear: Marie Chantal

Ph. credits: Marie Chantal

I just recently discovered a kids clothing brand that was new to me, called Marie Chantal. Someone mentioned it on Twitter, wondering if it still exsisted, and I was curious so googled it. Very glad I did, because I love it! It’s got that Parisian touch I love, with a chic British twist.

I really want the anchor jumper for Jolie, too bad it comes with a chic pricetag too! 75 euro for a jumper for me? No problem! But Jolie is growing so fast, she can only wear it for two months or so…

I am thinking about ordering that cutlery set, though. It’s like a puzzle, so you learn while you eat! And the design is really cool, too!


Oh, and by the way; my laptop crashed, so it took me ages to get this post ready.
I really miss my Photoshop!