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Jolie wearing Burberry


Just a quick post of Jolie wearing her first Burberry, thought it was too cute not to share…


Give Away: Gengigel


When you have a little baby and are suffering from sleepless nights, big change there are some new teeth coming through! Jolie now has two and more to come, and my go to rescue remedy to help ease the pain is Gengigel.
This is a clear gel without any alcohol, sugar or other preservatives and you can use it as much as you like. It really helped Jolie, as soon as I put it on her gums, she became more relaxed.

If you are also having sleepless nights, I have good news for you!
I can give away a tube of Gengigel to one of my readers. All you have to do is leave your email in a comment below, and I will pick a winner soon!

Interior: Jolie’s Room


Let me introduce to you; Jolie’s Room. It’s just how I (and hopefully Jolie) like it; light and clean. I actually put this room together on a budget, all the furniture is secondhand.  I made the framed prints myself, found some cute doorknobs at my moms place and painted an old storage chest white. I only splurged on the Eiffinger wallpaper and some decorations, like nice knitted blankets.