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Personal: Instagram Diary



1. Arm party
3. Her first Burberry
4. Neon
5. Pink dip dye
6. Playing in the sun
7. Super casual outfit
8. Home made pastry by the bf


Wildfox Kids

Just found out LA based Wildfox Couture also has a kids clothing line. It has been there since 2009, but I never noticed it before. Stumbled upon the cool campagneimages above and I think it look pretty awesome. Too bad Jolie is still too small, sizing goes from the age 7 to 14. The girl starring in this campaign is Violet Hume, and she’s the daughter of model Kirsty Hume and Donovan Lietch, also from Los Angeles. I thinks she’s the epitome of a cool kid!

Ph Wildfox Couture

Interior: On The Wall

Yesterday, I was searching for some nice wall decorations on Etsy, when I stumbled upon these cuties. I fell in love immediately. Would love to put some on the walls in my bedroom, where I think prints like this are most suitable, don’t you think? On the other hand, I have no problems with hanging a Chanel 2.55 above my couch, but my boyfriend doesn’t agree with me, unfortunately…

Anyway, do take a look in this Etsy shop, Emmakisstina, if you are looking for some home deco yourself, it’s great for kids rooms too!

Spring has arrived!

Spring has finally arrived in Holland, and it makes me feel like wearing lighter colours again. During winter, my colour scheme consists of black (a lot) grey and dark navy. I don’t know why, but I do not feel comfortable in bright colours, so I never wear them.

On the other hand, for my daughter Jolie I almost only look for bright colours like pink and bright blue. That’s kinda funny, because when I was pregnant I always told everyone I would never dress my girl in sweet girly colours and that I would only buy classic colours like dark navy for her. Now, all she ever wears is pink, and, okay, to be faithfull to myself also a lot of grey and creamy whites.

On a day like today, 18 degrees and sunny, I love to wear a nice jacket (I ❤ jackets) with jeans and a loose t-shirt, I like the ones from COS the best. For Jolie I found this really cute lace shirt, and how cool, is this; Zara now has Mama & Me specials,like these ballet flats in kids and womens sizes!

For me: IRO jacket, Current/Elliot leopard jeans, COS shirt, Zara flats, Michael Kors watch

For Jolie: Everything Zara (what can I say? I love Zara kids)

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