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Wishlist: Bikeride

Last week we took a short break and went to Texel, one of the Dutch islands. I don’t now, island sounds so tropical to me, but Dutch and tropical just do not go together… We actually had one sunny day, so we rented some bikes to take Jolie on her first bikeride! She loved it, so I can’t wait to take her again. Hope we will get some sun in Holland soon…

Anyway, I think the outfits above are perfect for one of those rides. See that little bicycle print on the yellow dress? So cute!

Jolie: Dress, romper, tights: all Bobo Choses. Shoes: Minnetonka, Sunhat: Zara.
Me: Jacket: Maison Scotch, T-shirt: COS, Shorts: Isabel Marant, Loafers: Minnetonka, Bracelet: Dannijo


Outfit: In The Navy

Just a quick outfitpost, while Jolie is at her grandpa’s like every wednesdayafternoon. I like that, she goes there for a few hours and it gives me the time to do some essential stuff, like cleaning the house, hunt for a job, and blog. Last is not very essential, oh well…

I like this combo of navy blue and crisp white, gives me a very sailoresque feel, especcialy with the gold buttons and all.

I’m wearing: Jacket Zara, T-shirt Forrest & Bob, Skirt Zara, Shoes Mango

Outfit: Black/Denim

The weather hasn’t made up its mind yet, and i’m having trouble figuring out what to wear. This black & denim combo seems like a good choice. Jolie was wearing her (OK, my…) favourite jeans again with a cute t-shirt.
Had a quiet day with Jolie, to recover from our day at the zoo  , so just went for a coffee in town.

Me: Blazer Zara, Denim shirt H&M, Trousers Zara, Wedges Minimarket,
Bag Marc by Marc Jacobs

Jolie: Everything Zara


The Basics

Somedays you just fall back to the classics; a nice t-shirt, good fitted jeans and a leather jacket. Today was one of those days. Threw some comfy wegdes on and was ready to go!

Me: Jacket Zara, Shirt Etoile Isabel Marant, Jeans Drykorn, Shoes Minimarket, Bag Alexander Wang.

Jolie: Dress Zara, Cookiestains Nestlé