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New in: Jeans & baseball tee


I know, I know, it’s been waaaay too long since my last post, but I have been so busy working my new job, which I love by the way, and getting into a new daily rhythm.

Did a little shopping today, I really needed some new blue jeans, but am very picky about jeans, I like an ankle lenght in just the right blue. I have been living in my IRO jeans for the past three years, but sadly enough they need replacement now. These Zara ones were good enough to take home with me, for now…

Also grabbed this cute baseball tee, which is made out of very nice material and a little
Oh, I’m posting from Ipad right now, sorry for the crappy quality…

Jeans: Zara, Tee: Rika


New in: Zara order

Received a Zara order this week, with a cool black zipper jacket and lace ombre t-shirt, totally my style, since its black and white. But I also got this neon pink/orange jacket which I think is super cute, but a bit out of my comfort zone…

Think I will keep ik anyway, cause it makes me feel happy and spring-ready!
Will come up with better pictures soon, do not have my camera here right now.
(That’s because the camera is not actually mine, but my boyfriends, and he needs it for work, can’t argue that, right?)

Outfit: In The Navy

Just a quick outfitpost, while Jolie is at her grandpa’s like every wednesdayafternoon. I like that, she goes there for a few hours and it gives me the time to do some essential stuff, like cleaning the house, hunt for a job, and blog. Last is not very essential, oh well…

I like this combo of navy blue and crisp white, gives me a very sailoresque feel, especcialy with the gold buttons and all.

I’m wearing: Jacket Zara, T-shirt Forrest & Bob, Skirt Zara, Shoes Mango

Pop of Colour

Don’t know what has gotten in to me, but lately i’ve been leaning more and more towards bright, even neon coloured clothing. Like this Zara jacket for example, it’s in the april lookbook, and i’ve been eyeing it for a while now. Look at the zebra printed lining, big like! Wonder when it appears in the online shop, have you guys seen it in stores yet?

Outfit: Black/Denim

The weather hasn’t made up its mind yet, and i’m having trouble figuring out what to wear. This black & denim combo seems like a good choice. Jolie was wearing her (OK, my…) favourite jeans again with a cute t-shirt.
Had a quiet day with Jolie, to recover from our day at the zoo  , so just went for a coffee in town.

Me: Blazer Zara, Denim shirt H&M, Trousers Zara, Wedges Minimarket,
Bag Marc by Marc Jacobs

Jolie: Everything Zara


Spring has arrived!

Spring has finally arrived in Holland, and it makes me feel like wearing lighter colours again. During winter, my colour scheme consists of black (a lot) grey and dark navy. I don’t know why, but I do not feel comfortable in bright colours, so I never wear them.

On the other hand, for my daughter Jolie I almost only look for bright colours like pink and bright blue. That’s kinda funny, because when I was pregnant I always told everyone I would never dress my girl in sweet girly colours and that I would only buy classic colours like dark navy for her. Now, all she ever wears is pink, and, okay, to be faithfull to myself also a lot of grey and creamy whites.

On a day like today, 18 degrees and sunny, I love to wear a nice jacket (I ❤ jackets) with jeans and a loose t-shirt, I like the ones from COS the best. For Jolie I found this really cute lace shirt, and how cool, is this; Zara now has Mama & Me specials,like these ballet flats in kids and womens sizes!

For me: IRO jacket, Current/Elliot leopard jeans, COS shirt, Zara flats, Michael Kors watch

For Jolie: Everything Zara (what can I say? I love Zara kids)

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